Publix Has Chinese Food?

Publix Chinese Food

So I don’t know about you all, but iv’e done the Chinese take-out rounds in Tallahassee. After scouring all the nearby restaurants, I finally admitted defeat. That is, until I decided to give Publix (with the only Chinese food section iv’e ever seen in a Publix) a try. It was awesome. And by awesome, I mean “awesome by Tallahassee standards” because I sure as hell can’t say it’s better than the full-fledged (special fried rice, crab ragoons and all) Chinese take-out places in South Florida. Although their menu might be a little limited, the options they do have are mouth-watering and affordable. And I ALWAYS have leftovers. The combo meal allows a meat portion (they typically have bourbon and general tso’s chicken), a starch portion (lo mein, fried rice, or white rice- I get half lo mein, half fried rice), and an eggroll. The eggrolls are ok but the chicken is what makes me turn into one of Pavlov’s pups (psychology experiment- look it up). If you get “Dinner No. 2,” you get double the amount of meat and enough to share between two people. Although Club Pub is open until midnight, the Chinese section is only open from 10a.m.-9p.m., so make sure to grab your grub before then!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Chow down, Grubbers! 🙂


Atmosphere: 5; It’s Publix. Chinese. Take-out. What do you expect? lol

Taste: 7 ½; Would be higher if the lo mein wasn’t as dry and the eggrolls were tastier. But their chicken is pretty darn good.

Service: 8; They stick the food in the container fast enough and the 10-items-or-less lane nearby isn’t too bad depending on the time of day.

Price: $7; And for a dollar more you can get double the meat (dinner no. 2). Worth it.

Freshman 15: I think it goes without saying that this isn’t very healthy. High in sodium, too. It’s convenient, but don’t over-do it- No one wants the freshman-15! 😉



Food Truck Thursdays

ImageSo many options. So much deliciousness. If a pictures worth a thousand words… just wait ’till ya see the video. 😉

Enjoy it, grubbers! 🙂

LOCATION (Every Thursday)

Queso therapy at La Fiesta


If you haven’t already noticed from my tweets on @TallyGrubbin, La Fiesta has to be one of my favorite restaurants in Tallahassee. They have the most AMAZING cheese. I know that sounds weird, and I’m not typically a cheese person, but it really is that good. I even went as far as asking the waiter about what kind of cheese they use… still haven’t been able to pinpoint it. The free, bottomless chips and salsa is also always much appreciated. Also, if anyone is as picky as I am about my tortillas (the cheap, grainy, corn tortillas are the bane of my existence), then lucky for you, their flour tortillas are perfectly non-grainy. :). Surprisingly enough, their leftovers are just as delicious the next day. So on their $.99 taco night, I always get a few extra for the next day. Told you I loved La Fiesta. Which reminds me, SIGN UP FOR THE VIP TEXTS. They will tell you when they hare having $.99 taco and 2-4-1 drink special nights. To be fair, I have also had tacos at Los Amigos and I think they use the same cheese. A good portion of my friends also prefer Bandidos Burritos ($1 tacos between 4:20 and 7:20), but I’m tellin’ you, even though it’s a little far from campus, La Fiesta is well worth the drive.

Well, now that I’m craving La Fiesta again, I hope you enjoy it!
And grub on! 🙂


Atmosphere: 7; Not the classiest place, but the quaint bricks and awesome bright paintings in the back room make the place comfortable enough.

Taste: 8; Gotta love the cheese. Enough said.

Service: 8; They’re usually pretty reasonable when it comes to speed. The chips and salsa and your friends company will keep you well entertained until your food arrives.

Price: $3 – $8; If you go on their $.99 taco night, its really reasonable. Otherwise, their prices are mediocre.

Freshman 15: Not the worst; nor is it the worst. Everything is ok in moderation, I assume.


Chubby’s mediocre Chicken Fingers

Chubby's cuban chopChubby’s Chicken Fingers, a rather sketchy restaurant across from FSU’s School of Theatre on Tennessee St, is probably as mediocre as you can get. My cousin, who is obsessed with California Chicken Kitchen, lead me to this drive-though restaurant last year for some quick fix-ins and promised me deliciousness. For some reason, I remember Chubby’s being better than it was, but alas, I was wrong. The chicken was exceptionally bland, as was the yellow rice. No seasoning whatsoever. Their redeeming factor was in their sauces, which I guess I should have realized (the “served with one sauce of your choice” note was added to every option on the menu). Although the two sauces I tried (garlic parmesan and buffalo) were both interesting, neither seemed to go well in my bed of grilled chicken, lettuce, black beans and yellow rice. All-in-all, I wouldn’t say the place was all that great, but their decent prices (I paid around $7) and variety of sauces qualified them enough for the Mehh category. Did I also mention how sketchy the place was? Just warning ya, it’s pretty sketchy. lol.

As always, Keep on grubbin’ 🙂


Atmosphere: 4; Sketchhhyyy! Although through the broken drive though windows, I admit, the chopped chives and food looked really fresh.

Taste: 5; Pretty bland. The sauces were good but either overpowering or added just a hint of flavor for what I had ordered. I heard they’re chicken wings are great with the sauces though.

Service: 7, It’s a drive-though. Both times I’ve had to wait at least 10 minutes for grilled chicken. But at least it was fresh!

Price: $7 is probably the most you would pay for a single person’s meal.

Freshman 15: Not too horrible. I’d imagine some of the sauces aren’t the best for you, but considering the small container they give you, it can’t hurt too much.


Momo’s mouth-watering pizzas


Momo’s pizzeria, which advertises “slices as big as your head” holds true to its tag line. Most of the time when I visit, I end up eating my slices with a knife and fork and taking half of it home. Anyways, short and simple, Momo’s is the neat kind of indie pizzeria that you’ll want to visit for a large, filling slice of pizza that even your parents would appreciate. They also just expanded and, if you’re of legal drinking age, have good beers (and even woodchucks!) on draft. Located behind Salley hall off of Tennessee and behind Moe’s, this eatery is definitely a place you’ll want to check out.

Keep on grubbin’. 🙂


Atmosphere: 9; Personally, I love the alternative music they blare and indie-ness of the place.

Taste: 8; Thin, NY style pizzas with a chewy dough and perfectly melted cheese.

Service: 7; You go up and order the pizza and they drop if off to your table when it’s ready. They can be slow if the place is busy.

Price: $4 ish; $3.50 for a slice of plain cheese and $.75 per extra topping.

Freshman 15: Just as bad for you as any other pizza joint.